Meagre / Corvina

A precious fish preferred for its plentiful meat and delicious taste… We breed them in the deep and cool waters of mediterranean and bring it to your plate.


Fresh Meagre

Instructions for Use: Various types of cooking, (oven, grill, salt) can be applied.

Nutrition facts: Meagre is a good source of protein. It is also an Omega3-rich product.

Mediterranean Meagre
100/200 ;200/300; 300/400; 400/600; 600/800; 800/1000 g/piece
Shelf life
Fresh: 14 days Frozen:18 months
Nutritional Facts (for 100g)
Energy: 564 kJ (134 kcal) Fat: 5,48 – Saturated fatty acid: 1,13 g – polyunsaturated fatty acid: 1.85 g – monounsaturated fatty acid: 2.50 g Carbohydrate: < 1 g Protein: 20,44 g Sodium: 0.02 g Salt: 0.06 g Fiber: 0 g
EPS packages (6, 10 kg); Boxes and frozen products