Practicing in all processes ranging from the production of juvenile to packaging, Kılıç has succeeded to become the world leader with its sea bream, sea bass and Rainbow Trout production capacity.

Kılıç produces all of its juvenile in its own facilities and monitors them in every stage.

Keeping up with technology thanks to its experienced expert staff, Kılıç answers to the juvenıle fish demands coming from both domestic and international markets, in a high quality, healthy and economical way.

Kılıç supplies juvenıle fish to all the countries in the Mediterranean basin. Specially designed ships are used for the transportation of juvenıle fish. Having a payload of 5 million juvenıle fish, these ships have 700m3 volume and 80m length.

There are fully equipped fish health laboratories within all the juvenıle fish facilities.


Sea bream and sea bass hatcheries are produced in hatcheries operating in Bafa, Ören, Akarca and Güvercinlik. When the juvenıle fish reach 3 – 5 g weight, they are transferred to the juvenıle fish facilities in the cage management sections and placed inside 20 m diameter HDPE cages.

The juvenile are fed 5-8 times a day depending on the water temperature.

Once they reach 30-40 gr weight, following a careful growing period, they are transferred to 30-50m diameter HDPE cages with attached nets that have been built specially for them. And then they are sent to the growth facilities. And they are subjected to an elongation process before they are transferred. This process is done to compensate the difference in their sizes and provide a healthy growth.

100% of the growth facilities are off shore systems and they are equipped with automatic feeding systems and both surface and underwater cameras. In our facilities where experienced engineers, divers and experts work, both underwater and surface inspections are done with a great sense of care and devotion.

The production of sea bream, bream, sea bream, salmon trout, meagre also continues as various types.


Being the most important factor in fish growth, fish feed is supplied with Aqua K brand from Kılıç’s own Feed Factory.

With an annual capacity of 195.000 tons, Kılıç Fish Feed Factory is one of the largest extruder fish feed production facility of the Turkiye.

Being equipped with the machines, tools and the projects of prominent European companies, the fully automatic facilities produces the needs of both Kılıç and other fish farms under Aqua-K brand.

Thanks to the ISO 9001 and 22000 Quality and Food Management Systems, Helal and GLOBAL GAP standards, it is possible to ensure absolute quality in every stage of production.

The goal of our environmentally friendly production is producing the highest quality fish feed and serving our customers constantly and in the highest quality level while contributing to the improvement of the marine products industry.


It takes 16-22 months for sea bass and 13-14 months for sea bream to reach serving size and to be sent to the packaging facilities operating under Kılıç Seafood.

All the actions performed in the cage management sections, from the fish coming from the hatchery to the moment it is sent for packaging, are recorded and the fish are traceable system-wide.

Fish Processing and Packaging Facilities under Kılıç are located in 3 different locations. The first two facilities are about marine products and located in Milas/Muğla. The third facility is the Rainbow Trout processing and Packaging facility in central Kahramanmaraş. Kılıç’s Processing and Packaging Facilities are pursuant to the national and international food safety criteria (Turkish Food Codex Regulation and Codex Alimentaris Commission) and have the health approval number issued by the EU. Ensuring the cold chain is protected until it comes to the tables, Kılıç also operates in compliance with ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, HACCP and ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System, IFS (International Food Standard), BRC (British Retail Consortium) and Integrated Global G.A.P standards. 

In Kılıç’s Processing and Packaging Facility, fish are classified and packed naturally according ot their weight. Fillet products, on the other hand, are packaged freshly in chilled or frozen state and prepared for shipping. However, all the packaging options our customers demand are available in frozen, MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packed) and  boxed forms.

A packaging system which is using EPS (Expandable Polystyrene) produced by Kılıç is used in the facility. Being in compliance with EU and US basic nutritional regulations, EPS is an insulation material which serves perfectly in duties that are expected from it.

Rainbow Trout Breeding

Kılıç’s Rainbow Trout breeeding activities continue in Kahramanmaraş Sır Dam, Kayseri Bahçecik Dam and Gaziantep Karkamış Dam lake.

With our experience in saltwater fish, becoming Europe’s leader in Rainbow Trout production in a short time is our primary goal.