We have been working hard for 29 years without compromising our principles, to offer Kılıç and Kaptan Kılıç branded fresh products to our precious customers.

We are observant of the Cold Chain principles which is an umbrella term for cold storage, transprotation and similar processes required to ensure the food safety and preservation of the product starting from the production stage along with the transportation, storage and exhibition stages.

Thanks to our regional offices in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, our products are available in the most prominent chain stores of the country.

We export 70 % of our 75.000 tons of annual production to approximately 60 countries. With a wide range of products, our company has been becoming the export leader in its field for 8 years. We owe our success to being completely observant to the cold chain rules while transporting our products to 5 contitents.

As Kılıç, we have 3 irrevocable principles regarding our services;

  • Ensuring our products reach our customers as fresh as the day it was produced.
  • Leaving the minimum possible carbon footprints to the earth by using our logistics network efficiently.
  • Keeping the logistic costs of our products to minimum.

75 % of our deliveries are done via land route and they start with route planning before the shipment. Our experienced sales and logistics experts calculate the closest points to our final customers and bring the truck loads to a maximum for a single trip. Waterways on the route are carefully calculated and the distances are shortened with RO-RO operations. Thus, the carbon footprint and costs per product/kg are kept to minimum


13% of our deliveries are done airway. When it comes to long distances, airway is the irreplaceable method of transporting our products to our final consumers as fresh as they are produced. When available, we prefer to use the cargo compartment of scheduled flights in order to eliminate the option to organize an additional flight. In this way, we deliver the freshest and the most delicious delicacies of the Mediterranean without leaving extra carbon footprint on earth.


12% of our deliveries are done seaway. It is the method we prefer to use in transportation of our frozen products. The shipments are organized using special containers. We show extra attention while we are selecting our carrier partners and make sure they are experts in their business and working with an expert crew like us.

Our environmental awareness isn’t limited with he business lines we operate. Our experienced sales team constantly informs the customers on that matter and they change their orders to fillets instead of whole fish. This change in the orders reduces our carbon footprint per product/kg.